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I think I will always consider myself a student.

When I started painting, I kinda thought “When I find my style, then I will be set for the rest of my life”. It’s been 20 years now, and although I am more confident in my painting, I have come to understand that an artist’s style is ever flowing and changing, because our life is ever flowing and changing. I am very well aware of the abundant wealth of knowledge that is out there for me to discover, that is why it is important to me to stay open and curious.

We’re so very lucky today to have access to a multitude of teachers and artists, right at our fingertips. Watching how others paint can open our minds to what is possible and inspire us to go in unexpected directions. Having a space where we can find these resources is why I created my Resource Hub on my new website The Oil Painting Hub, which will only grow with time. I invite you to go check it out. Use the filter to look for specific categories or subjects – books, videos, colour, techniques, drawing, composition, stores…

Happy exploration!

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