Painting is a mystery, which slowly reveales itself through each painting. It is a real pleasure for me to dive into this universe, where I learn as much about myself, as I do about painting.

But despite my passion to know more, I know that I will never get to the depth of its secrets, and I realize that the knowledge that I seek, is only so I can really be at the service of inspiration and creativity.

I am an artist from the Vallée-du-Richelieu in Montérégie and I am pleased to share my universe with you.


Don’t let your creativity be held back by a lack of knowledge. Avoid frustrations by learning the basics:


If you’re interested in commissioning a portrait, or any other type of special order, the price of a painting depends on the medium chosen (oil or graphite), the dimension, the complexity of the subject and the quality of the reference material.

Send me a message, along with a few pictures, and I will gladly discuss the details with you.

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